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A special location for a special occasion!

Unique experience, and the beautiful surroundings of the Lake Balaton landscape, which is an unforgettable memory for everyone. Traditional and new, turn of the century and modern!

Our company’s fleet offers a special and unique location to hold events.  Our ship fleet is unusual and offers an exclusive location to hold events. The composition of our fleet makes it possible to hold events that have participants from a few persons to several hundred at any of the 16 docks our company operates.


Make you and your loved ones’ most important moments unforgettable, as well as those of your business associates!

Both as business and as personal event organizer, the question of how to make the personal or company event more unique, more adventures, and endlessly memorable for your clients, or your loved ones, certainly formulates within you day after day.

What can make your event different from the rest of the similar event proposals? 

How can it be ensure that you will be asked to organize the next event?

If these questions have arisen, then we have good news for you!

We can come to your assistance! Give us a few minutes of your time so we can think, and plan together!


Our business associates and clients said about us:

“It was a brilliant idea to hold the team building training in the middle of Lake Balaton on a BAHART boat. My colleagues were not able to get enough of the remarkable scenery that I have so often experienced. In addition, my colleagues were not able to “disappear” to take care of personal affairs, and so, we were able to have one of the most effective training programmes ever.”    

“The memory of when, along with my partner, we were able to say the happy words “I Do”, during the setting sun, in the middle of Lake Balaton, will remain forever!”